Monchof Warte and Hohe Warte

We are going across Geschwenda in Geraberg direction. Next toward Waldbad. The track is about 20 km long. With a good weather we should drop into Hohe Warte Tower. From this place we can see all northern side of Thuringia Forest and Erfurt city. As an alternative way of your hike, you can choose route from Hohe Warte Tower to Geschwenda starting from Elgersburg - Elgersburg Castle thru Goethefelsen - swimming pool Geraberg. This route is a little bit longer, but less exhausting and gives everyone possibility to regenerate vitality.

Lütschetalsperre ( Dam Lütsche )

We are hiking from Geschwenda to Lutschetalsperre. We are going to closed ski jump "Geschwenda Schanze" and next we are going through forest and rural area to Woodsman Grave through "Alte Lache" in Granfenrod and Forsthaus. From Woodsman Grave we follow the route which separate forest from country views. Next we pass through wooden bridge by which two streams are connected.

We are going into the forest to culminate point, where you can see tract. That's Lütschetalsperre, reservoir of water. Next to it Camping with gastronomy backstage is situated. After we take a little bit of rest and pleased our eye with a wonderful view we can go back. But this time with a bit harder route. We pass such a points as: Dicke Tanne, Bärenstein and Dörrberg Jugendherberge. This route spreads thru whole forest. Then you can follow towards Kieferswand to go back to Geschwenda. Length of this route: 20km.


It's very demanding route and it is a hike for a whole day. Here occur not so big difference in landscapes height from 465m (Geschwenda) to 978m (Scheneekopf). Wonderful views from Schneekopf and Teufelskanzel are worth seeing. When you get to the Rennsteig you can take a rest in a Suhler Hütte hut. Length of this route: 28km.